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22 years of experience

This is what we like to use for our clients, when it is time to grant you our utmost support to transact the business - from vehicles deliveries in time to providing our clients with all relevant documents!

Worldwide Network

We are a direct partner for commercial buyers but we also serve as an intermediary between car manufacturers and independent automotive retailers. As a specialist for international vehicle sales with many years of professional experience, our partners and customers appreciate our comprehensive, long-term, worldwide network with which we can grant the reliable and rapid conclusion of the business transaction.

Personal service

We advocate an open dialog.

There is no anonymous online business relationship, we only offer personal service. Even if you contact us by telephone or by e-mail – we are highly qualified and motivated and happy to be there for you.


Following the demand of our market – mobility is changing very quickly - we are busy on import trading of highest quality electrovehicles (Passenger Cars) from China for Austria and its neighbour countries.


Custozzagasse 8/15, 1030 Wien

0043 (0) 676 4061234

0043 (0) 676 5065555,

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